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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait... What do you mean unlimited? + -

You can send us as many design requests as you like. Seriously. We’ll process them in the order they’re received, as fast as we can. If you are not happy with any of the designs you can then request as many changes as you like. You will never be charged more than the monthly fee and there are no other costs that you’ll ever need to pay to access our service.

Who owns the designs once they're done? + -

You do! You get full rights to any and all designs that we create for you. We design a t-shirt for you and you sell millions of them? Awesome! All we do is reserve the right to display the design in our portfolio and advertising material as examples of the work we produce.

So... No contracts? + -

You betcha. We work on a month by month subscription model – that you can cancel anytime you like, no questions asked. We’re not locking you into a 12 month deal – unless that’s what you want, and then we offer a generous discount on our already low price. We have a Service Level Agreement, which is a commitment from us to you, stating what we agree to do within the time frame of said agreement. Ultimately it simply means that if you only want to use our services for a month, then that’s fine by us. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we understand that not everyone needs a full time graphic design team or can afford the exorbitant rates some freelancers charge.

But what if my month runs out and I still have a design that needs finishing? + -

If you have a single design that has been started and you don’t want to continue using our services, we will finish that design. But If you have a whole list of design requests that you want us to complete then all we’ll ask you to do is pay for another month. It’s that simple.

Can you give me a list of the kind of things you design? + -

Sure! We can design advertising banners, social media covers, profile images, flyers, posters, product background removal, logos, one-page website mock-ups, mobile app mock-ups, all kinds of apparel, business cards, print advertising, brochures up to four pages, infographics – as long as you provide all the data, restaurant menus, email signatures, blog post images, static video overlays for YouTube, product mock-ups, album covers, website hero images, invitations, gift certificates. Heck, you name it. If it can be printed and it’s under four pages or shown on a screen and it doesn’t move then it’s covered in our flat rate fee.

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